Catholics are Perfect

Says no one ever. It’s really, what people think we think we’re vs. what is actually true. As a cradle catholic, I remember my husband asking me tons of questions when he was going through RCIA. I was his sponsor so for some reason he thought I had all the answers. Ha, boy was he in for a shock. Not only did I not have all the answers. I didn’t have half of the answers. Being a cradle Catholic I grew up doing things that I never actually questioned or asked about.

I love my faith, and it’s the one constant in my life that I’m a 100% sure of (aside from my partner in life). Being catholic will never change for me, and I know that to be true for me. However, this doesn’t mean I know everything there is to know about being catholic. I’m always becoming. I’m always learning more about God, and his plans for me.

Being a catholic feels like a long journey that never ends. There are always new things to talk about, questions, and discoveries. Non Catholics think we Catholics have our docks in a row and are constantly judging them. Actually, we don’t. Well, I don’t. I really don’t have my ducks in a row. In fact, I think my ducks are scattered all over, and it’s chaos. I’m that mamma duck with arms flailing trying to gather them in a semi circle but fail at it. I have trouble waking my ducks up in the morning and getting them dressed in time for class so I can go to work. Sometimes, I forget my ducks at home!
Well, you get the point.

You’ll never meet a perfect Catholic. It’s not possible, and any Catholics who make you feel as if they’re perfect are probably just trying to get you to like them. Personally, I think I love my faith so much because of my imperfection. There’s no place I’d rather take my imperfect self. A place where structure is visible and the love is abundant. A place where you’re always welcomed, and not judged for not knowing the way.

As Catholics, we’re all on the way. We haven’t arrived yet, and we don’t expect you to know everything. We really don’t. We know we’re a part of a church that isn’t perfect. We know our church leaders are human too. We know there’s more the church can do that she isn’t doing. We know, but guess what? When push comes to shove, I choose to follow Christ because he is my savior. I go to church to worship and praise God, not the Catholic Church. I also choose to defend my faith because it is the very foundation of who I am.

Perfectly, imperfect and gently worn, but great to have around.

Being catholic means, I don’t expect myself to be perfect. I expect myself to never stop trying to be more like Christ. It means I strive to be Christ-like. It means I see Christ in others even when they don’t. It means I love despite being hurt countless time. It means I accept people for who they’re in Christ not for who they are in the world. In Christ, we’re perfectly made. In the world, we’re broken, lost and confused.

As a Catholic, I’m wholly imperfect, but Christ calls me perfectly imperfect and purposefully made.

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