Crying at Work …

It’s safe to say that yesterday was probably one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. Everything was falling into place, and I couldn’t ask for more. My husband and I finished couples counseling, and it was wonderful to think that after just four visits we felt our relationship was at the best it could be at. Work was going well, and we had just found out about the Service Loan Forgiveness Program which was the cherry on top. Everything, and I mean, everything felt aligned. Today, it is safe to say the opposite is happening.

The morning started well, which was the deception and then when the Holy Spirit nudged me to check the bank account my husband and I share I was floored. There was $0.00 for available balance and a big negative for the balance on the account. Considering just the other day there were over a thousand dollars in the account, I was in serious shock. I was so confused and then I started clicking and looking around, and let me tell you, it was truly the Holy Spirit that nudged me to check that account. 

What had happened was probably my mistake, but I do not understand how I could have made such a mistake considering how very careful I’m when it comes to the money, my husband, and I have in that account. I’m still confused about what happened, but one thing for sure, God is always at work in our lives. I first called the company that had cleared our bank account to find out why, and how. I was told that the transaction had been authorized by me. Yes, me. I didn’t believe it, of course! Why would I rob myself? After a few exchanges, I was told that the transaction was pending, and hadn’t actually gone through. I was advised to call my bank so they could cancel it for me. I was elated!

I called my bank and began the conversation. They told me that the amount had cleared on their part. I was so confused. Why? Simply because I could not understand how my bank had allowed an amount that wasn’t available in my account to be taken out. Well, they informed me of two things. First, I was under a protection plan that allowed the bank to cover any fee of overdraft fee so the amount they added to our account to protect us against overdraft was just enough so that the money was taken out. Normally, I would be thankful for the protection, but at that moment, I was not. If that protection wasn’t in place the money would have bounced which believe me, would have been better than having that large amount of money taken out of our account. Second, apparently, it appears that I authorized that amount, and that is why it was cleared. 

Long story short. All I can do is wait, and hope that the amount doesn’t clear. I did hang up and cry for a while. Oh, I’m also crying at work.

Thankfully, I can close my office door, and cry my eyes out without interruption. I then messaged my husband about it. He is sleeping so calling would not have been a great idea. Now I wait for him to wake from his slumber so he can calm me. On the bright side, I did take some deep breaths in the middle of my tears, and I did recognize God at work in this situation.

Moral of the story, everything can change in a moment. One minute you’re happy and the next life happens, but how we handle it is the most important part. Also, check to make sure you’re with a banking system that would call you to verify that a certain amount of money taken out of your account is actually you!

As I calmed down more, I asked myself, what is this trying to teach me? I don’t know yet, do you? Maybe one day we will look back at moments like this that brought me to tears, and laugh about it. For now, there’s no laughing, but this is God at work.

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